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lindsey's song

goes like this

2 December
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"friends", acoustic guitar songs, aero chocolate bars, aerosmith, anti-hilary duff, arguing, ben harper, bicycles, bikini kill, blink 182, boy meets world, boy-toys, bubblegum, cake, carnivals, cassie steele, cheap trick, christmas, classic coke, coffee, cookie dough, cookies, cosmo, crayons, cuddling, damien rice, dance dance revolution, dancing, dancing in socks, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessional, directing, doing cartwheels, dressing up, edward scissorhands, eyebrows, family guy, feminism, finger guns, fiona apple, fireplaces, fishnets, flag football, flowy dresses, foxes, full house, great big sea, grocery stores, head banging, headsets, heels, horror movies, hot pink, hugging, independent films, jack johnson, jason mraz, jeopardy, jesse mccartney, jet, john mayer, johnny depp, jones soda, kate hudson, kill bill, kittens, lauryn hill, le tigre, liberalism, lifetime, lindsay lohan, listening to moosic, love, marilyn monroe, maroon 5, marshmallows, michael jackson, michael moore, mirandy, modeling for m., modest mouse, mon-frerre, moose tracks, moulin rouge, movies, mrs., muse, my bed, new york city, old school boy bands, otter pops, ous cream, outkast, panty parties, peace, photography, piggy-back rides, pillow fights, playing in the rain, pointe shoes, politics, prince, queen, radness, rain, rock & roll, rockstars, roller coasters, root beer, school of rock, scissor sisters, screaming, seattle, sex pistols, shin-digs, shoes, sifl & olly, sleeping, smoosh, snacking, snowball fights, starbucks, stars, steamers, straightening my hair, strawberry milk, street musicians, sublime, sylvia plath, tanning, television, the beatles, the cure, the darkness, the elevator room, the pixies, the postal service, the who, thrift stores, toblerone bars, tyler hilton, urban outfitters, watching movies, weezer, wheel of fortune, white chocolate, white ninja, winter