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04:03pm 13/10/2006

le sigh.

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09:30am 11/10/2006

the song "just like heaven" still makes me sick.
in order to enjoy the present, i really need to let go of the past.


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12:56pm 15/06/2006

the greatest thing you will ever learn
is just to love
and be loved in return.

(hold on to that feelin')

10:04pm 26/03/2006

Aida is officially the best musical ever.
don't try & argue, Elton John & Tim Rice own you and your mother.
as do Leisha and Brett, who are going to have the most beautiful, talented children ever.

We all lead such elaborate lives
wild ambitions in our sights
How an affair of the heart survives
days apart and hurried nights
Seems quite unbelievable to me
I don't want to love like that
I just want our time to be
slower and gentler, wiser, free.


hheellll yes.

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07:20pm 22/02/2006
  My ode to summer.Collapse )  

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12:38pm 02/02/2006
  it's astonishing how something so wonderful can make you feel so empty.  

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10:37pm 21/01/2006
  i look into your eyes & think,
"how could it get any better than this."

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gotta love tracy chapman.   
09:52pm 13/01/2006
just. think about it.Collapse )

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07:49pm 21/12/2005

sometimes i feel like i have so much on my mind that there's no use even talking about it.
why start if there's no hope in finishing.
maybe it's the virgo in me.

my brain physically just...hurts.
i can't seem to process all this new information being introduced constantly.
funny. i've had a 3-day break from everything, and it still seems to be not enough.
it's too much.
i'm about to buckle.

'tis the season for incessant drama and pointless materialistic gifts no one will give a fuck about in the long run.
happy holidays guys.

(hold on to that feelin')

01:53pm 17/12/2005
come home, b.f.f.e.f.
i have plans.
i want my tacky present.
miranda withdrawls, sigh.
the lin-zinator.
p.s. bring da camera.

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09:30pm 13/12/2005
mood: annoyed

why do people have to fucking kill everything.
or almost kill everything.
whatever. ugh.


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07:33pm 12/12/2005
mood: optimistic

what a rollercoaster of a day.
my brand new cellular device is so motherfucking kickass.
and even more so, when it started playing ABBA in the middle of honors english.

you know when you meet someone new and you start imagining all these great things that could happen between you two?
and you fantasize about how happy you could be together, just you and that one other person.
and then, all at once it hits you - you could be totally getting your hopes up for nothing.

but hey.
i've never been known to be a realist.


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who rocks the party that rocks the party?   
05:56pm 30/10/2005

miranda&lin-z rock the party that rocks the party.

As most of you probably know, Mirandy&I have no life whatsoever.


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07:28pm 24/10/2005

dearest livejournal,
it's been too long.
once my love and now, now we've grown so much apart.
maybe it's because i'm so busy with school and scheduling out the rest of my life.
maybe because boys (or a certain boy) has ran away with my time.
this isn't about MySpace (as much as you'd like to think), it's just that we've both changed so much these past couple months.
always remember our finest entries together.
all the memories we shared.
you'll always be on my favorites list.

love always,


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07:51pm 06/10/2005

LJ Interests meme results

  1. cake: mostly the candy kind, but it's all gravy to me.
  2. dancing: who doesn't love to shake their groove thing every once and a while?
  3. fishnets:"for when you're just too sexy for tights."
  4. jack johnson: me and that boy. that boy and me. he's just fuckin' awesome.
  5. lifetime: i'll admit it, i am obsessed with Battered Daughter Sundays.
  6. moulin rouge: ewan mcgreggor = hottttt.
  7. pillow fights: hehe.
  8. screaming: all i can think of is sarah, for some reason.
  9. strawberry milk: much to contrary belief, it does NOT taste like Pepto Bismol. it does, however taste like, uh, hella better than that chocolate milk shit. (although i do like chocolate milk too. :)
  10. toblerone bars: the italian equivalent to happiness.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.


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09:55pm 22/09/2005
  hey now, hey now.
don't dream, it's over.

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04:56pm 04/09/2005
  This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.

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don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got, 'till it's gone.   
12:06am 29/08/2005

I'm going to sneak out now.
I'm not nervous, just kind of tired.
I hope all goes well.
I'm re-arranging my room.
Someone - come see it.
I'll be here @ 4.


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01:08pm 20/08/2005


1. GEOMETRY : Keen.
2. LATIN I : Wilson.
3. BODYSHAPING : Watsons.
4. H ENGLISH : Clark.
5. WASH STATE : Stromer.
7. INT SCIENCE : Brooks.
8. FRESHMAN FOCUS : Knuezen?

Nectar. <3



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09:57pm 01/08/2005

ANNA AND I JUST WON TICKETS TO HOWIE DAY/ANNA NALICK ON AUGUST 9TH AT THE SHOWBOX. (Well, actually my sister won them, since I'm not 18 I had to pretend to be her.)

that was freakin' awesome.
awesome, dude.

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